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Production Technician I - HPLC / USA

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Location: Torrance, California, USA

Production Technician I - HPLC - 934743

The Production Technician I - HPLC is responsible for manufacturing a variety of different HPLC columns; will require excellent organization, good time management, and attention to detail.


  • Pack different sorbents in column hardware (HPLC, Gemini, Heat, Semi-prep techniques required).
  • Follow written instructions (SOP) for all critical processes.
  • Follow all Safety procedures, including wearing appropriate protective equipment.
  • Prepare packing solvents and slurry solvents according to written instructions.
  • Material verification and Inspection.
  • Data entry in TSA and AX computer systems.
  • Schedule time efficiently to complete work (production cards) in order of priority.
  • Keep all work areas, equipment, and tools neat, clean, and organized.


  • Typically less than 2 years of experience.
  • Associates Degree or Other Certification preferred.
  • Ensures all work is accurate and free of errors / defects.
  • Requires analytical thinking and problem solving.
  • Attention to detail, pay specific attention to tasks.
  • Strong organizational skill, plans and assigns resources in a detailed fashion.

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